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The Couple That Brushes Together…

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, chances are that you have already made reservations to the finest restaurant in town, and are in the process of finding the perfect gift for your better half.  While Cupid is bound to supply the romance on this special day, we would like to take this chance to […]

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5 Widely Perpetuated Misconceptions About Children’s Dental Hygiene

Halloween is around the corner, so we’d like to focus on children’s oral health in this blog post. Most parents often take advice on the proper guidance of raising their children from the older, more experienced members of their family. Certainly, you stand to learn a number of useful tips by listening to your parents […]

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Four Travel Essentials for Your Vacation

We are so excited for the summer and we bet you are too! For all of you planning an upcoming getaway to the beach or other far-flung places, we’re sharing four travel essentials that are designed to make jetsetting easy. From travel-sized electric toothbrushes to TSA-friendly laptop cases, our list will help maintain oral health […]

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Anti-Aging Through Oral Health by Dr. Lorraine Maita

A smile exudes youth, confidence and invites connection with people. Keeping your mouth, teeth and gums healthy can have a profound impact on your overall health. Inflammation in your mouth or periodontal disease has been linked to inflammation of the heart and joints; head and neck cancer; atherosclerosis; preterm birth; stillbirth; and even erectile dysfunction. […]

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