Juicing Like Flossing: Why I Drink Green

Guest Post by Tara Prupis, Owner of Green Nectar Juicery I love the way my mouth feels after flossing, which is why I committed to doing it regularly. The more I floss, the better it feels, making the experience more enjoyable. But when I fail to floss, I resist getting back on track. Why? Because […]

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Dieting? 4 Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy

Are you setting weight loss goals? Just remember to stay healthy—and that includes taking good care of your teeth while dieting! Connections Between Oral Health & Whole Body Health Our bodies are amazing. Sometimes we forget about the connections between each system. If you’re working to lose weight, be aware of how those diet decisions […]

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Get to Know the Group: Syeda Muhammadi

Full Name: Syeda Muhammadi Role at The Silverstrom Group: I’m a Registered Dental Assistant. I assist Dr. David Silverstrom in daily clinical procedures and patient care. Where are you from originally? Where do you live now and for how long? I am from Newark, NJ. I currently reside in Florham Park, living there for 4.5 […]

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#SmileFiles: The SoulCycle Experience

A FAVORITE workout routine of Dr. Gary and some of his staff brings you this month’s #SmileFile: Spinning. Spin class is not a new phenomenon, you’ve seen it offered at the gym and it’s based on the simple idea of riding a sedentary bike at various degrees of resistance. So maybe you think, been there, […]

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Anti-Aging Through Oral Health by Dr. Lorraine Maita

A smile exudes youth, confidence and invites connection with people. Keeping your mouth, teeth and gums healthy can have a profound impact on your overall health. Inflammation in your mouth or periodontal disease has been linked to inflammation of the heart and joints; head and neck cancer; atherosclerosis; preterm birth; stillbirth; and even erectile dysfunction. […]

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#SmileFiles: Flights at David Todd’s City Tavern

Known for its history, cultural sites, family-friendly activities, dining and shopping, Morristown is a great place to enjoy a variety of leisure activities. Among the variety of restaurants to choose from is David Todd’s City Tavern, a casual but classy establishment offering nouveaux American cuisine with French flair. Menu items include Moules Mariniere with white […]

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